what are the life science concepts appropriate for primary age children? 6-8 yr. olds.



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    I would say that teaching them that organisms have basic needs would be appropriate: animals need air, water, and food; plants need air, nutrients, water, and light.  They should also learn that plants and animals have natural life cycles that begin with being born, growing up to be adults, reproducing, and eventually dying.  They should also be able to recognize that plants and animals closely resemble their parents.

    The link below is a very useful resource to kind of gauge which lessons would be age appropriate along with fun learning activities.

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      This question was for a school assignment and worth 20 points, I used some of your answer and I got all of my points. Thank you.

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    The caterpillar to butterfly transformation would be great for children that age.  It focuses on change and habitat…recognizing that things are not always what they seem to be.  Lots of activities can be done to compliment, including building a habitat suited for them, artwork and story telling.

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