What are Levi’s ‘waterless jeans’?



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    Making jeans in the standard way uses a lot of water, and that’s not good for the environment.  Levi’s wanted to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, so they decided to try to make jeans using less water.  An average pair of Levi’s jeans needs 42 liters of water for they jeans to be dyed, then washed and finished.  Then every time someone washes them at home they use on average 21 liters.  The new waterless jeans reduce levi’s water usage by an average of 28% and on some pairs up to 96%.  Along with their reduced water useage they have a program where they are donating clean drinking water to those who need it and are asking for help from the community to distribute it – see the link below where you can volunteer.

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