What are lead fishing sinkers?



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    Lead fishing sinkers are weights that are attached to fishing lines, nets, and rigs in order to keep them at the desired depths.  Lead fishing sinkers were first used on nets by the Egyptians 5,000-7,000 years ago.  There are many different kinds, such as these:


    However, it’s been proven by many studies that lead sinkers are BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!  Most specifically, the lead can be extremely harmful to birds.  Many waterfowl ingest things like buckshots for use in their gizzards, and ingesting lead is, as you may imagine, just as bad for birds as it is for humans.

    However, many modern sinkers are made out of less toxic composite materials now, such as tin.  When buying sinkers, make sure it’s made out of non-toxic materials!

    In some states, the sale of new lead sinkers is illegal, but old lead sinkers are still in use even there.

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