What are the largest dolphins?



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    The largest dolphin is the Killer Whale (Orca), which can get between 27 and 33 feet long and weight 8,000 to 12,000 pounds. More information about this beast can be found below.

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    Killer Whales, or Orcas, are the largest type of dolphin. Average sizes of ocras are listed as: Newborn orcas are 7-8 feet long, 3-400 lbs.; adult females are 17-24 feet, 5-9,000 lbs; adult males are 22-30 feet, 8-12,000 lbs. Males grow to an average of 27 feet and 9,000 pounds. Females grow to an average of 24 feet and 7,000 pounds. Adult orcas consume between 100-300 pounds of food a day.

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