what are invasive (non native) animals in india?



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    Here is a list of some invasive species which currently call India their home: Acacia mearnsii or De Wild., Ageratum conyzoides or (L.) Sieber, Ageratum houstonianum or P.Mill, Chromolaena odorata or (L.) King and Robinson., Cytisus scoparius L, Eichhornia crassipes or (Mart.) Solms, Eupatorium adenophorum or Spreng, Ipomaea carnea or Jacq, Lantana camara L, Mikania micrantha or (L.) Kunth, Mimosa invisa or Mart, Parthenium hysterophorus L., Salvinia molesta or DS Mitch, Ulex europaeus L, Xanthium strumarium L, Ectropis deodarae or Prout, Lymantria obfuscate or Walker, Pityogenus scitus or Blanford, Polygraphus longifolia or Stebbing, Fusarium monoliforme or Sheldon.

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