What are high schools doing to promote eco friendly lifestyles?



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    If the school has the resources and community support to “go green,” it’s a great way to lead by example. School age children (even high schoolers) are in their school environment for a significant portion of their lives, so if the school culture is environmentally conscious, then the students will internalize that as an important, logical way of being and living.

    This is a really in-depth article about how different schools go green, and the effect that it has on the students. In addition to teaching them greener lifestyles, these schools are healthier and more pleasant to be in, which has a positive impact on attendance and performance.

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    Though not a high school, I heard a piece on NPR about an elementary school in Seattle (Bertschi Elementary) that has been given the “Living Building” status–which is the highest level of sustainability in commercial building. From recycled construction materials, to composting toilets, to net-zero energy and water usage–this school is a premiere example of environmental consciousness in action. To see the transcript of KUOW’s piece go to: http://www.kuow.org/program.php?id=22562

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