What are Harmful and beneficial effects of volcanic eruption?



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    The harms are much better known: destruction of property and environment. The benefits are less well-known, but important to consider. Some of the world’s richest farmland draws its fertility from minerals provided by nearby volcanoes. Volcanoes, particularly collapsed calderas, can develop geothermal systems when groundwater or rainwater seep into the volcano. Geothermally powered electric generating stations provide electricity in Iceland, Italy, and New Zealand. Volcanic processes are also responsible for precious and non-precious mineral deposits, which are formed when minerals precipitate from geothermal waters circulating in the rocks beneath and around volcanoes.

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    Volcanoes serve a major purpose that is often overlooked today. After an eruption, lava covers and destroys most all life in the affected area. Afterward though, new ecosystems begin to develop, this is called primary succession. Many scientist now believe that many uniform ecosystems like rain forests are the products of volcanic eruptions because they are uniform, meaning everything grew up together.

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    Volcanic blasts create unique styles of rocks, such as obsidian and pumice, as well as creating ash that works as a powerful fertilizer. Granted it does this by creating massive amounts of destruction.

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    The ashes from a volcanic eruption can provoke several health issues ranging from respiratory effects, eye symptoms, skin irritation, etc. In particular, children are more vulnerable than adults and therefore it is important to keep them indoors and discourage them from strenuous plays during heavy ash falls (from volcanic eruption & fires). 

    Other harmful effects of a volcanic eruption include the contamination of water, fewer periods of rain, and the destruction of landscape. Despite all the cons, however, they do act as a reset button for the environment. 

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    Another downside to volcanic eruption: whenever a volcano erupts, it is very difficult for aircraft to rescue the populous, or to ship in supplies because the ash can cover aircrafts so extensively that it causes engine failure.  Also, gusts of wind newly created from the volcanoe’s bursts knock helicopters and planes out of stabilization, causing them to spin out of control.

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    BENEFICIAL: it often leads creation of new land.


    HARMFUL: molten lava, pyroplastic smoke and debris.


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