what are grunion?



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    A grunion is a type of fish.  They are native to California and Baja California in Mexico.  They are most well known for their mating ritual in which the female digs her tail into the sand and lays eggs, and the male deposits sperm by wrapping himself around the female on the sand.  There are also “false grunions,” which look similar but do not have the same mating ritual.

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    Grunion are two species of the genus Leuresthes. There is the California grunion and the Gulf grunion. They are sardine sized fish and are found only off the coast of California and Mexico. Adult grunions usually range in size from 6 to 7 inches, with the record being at 8.5 inches. The normal life span for a grunion is about three to four years, but there have been records of adult grunions living up to five years.


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