What are the grossest ideas for going green that you’ve ever heard of?


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    The grossest way to go green: stop using conventional deodorant and only use the natural kind (better yet, none at all), stop showering as often to save water and do not wash clothes very often also to save water, then switch to riding a bike as sole transportation method (preferably in a hilly area). These work best for the gross factor when used in combination. 

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    I know you may have meant gross in a different sense, but greenwashing (claiming to be green when you really aren’t) is so gross it makes me sick! (figuratively speaking)


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    Well, one way that is perceived gross, but really isnt, is to urinate in the shower instead of flushing the toilet. Urine is non toxic, sterile, and causes no problems when it goes down the shower drain. A flush saves water, and save money.

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    The filthiest thing I’ve ever heard of is composting your own feces.  While this might be good for your garden, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to handle their poop more than they have to.  Perhaps sticking with “if it’s yellow, let it mellow..” is the better option in this case. 

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    In response to Aerodog, I agree that while that one technically is not gross, it certainly doesn’t sound appealing. To get the point out about this water-saving practice, Brazil put out a PSA a few years ago:



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    I had a friend whose mother suggested that we use toilet paper and then place it out to dry so it can reused. This gross, but would also probably lead to a lot of bacteria and other things growing, which could lead to infection. I think I will use recycled toilet paper (made from other paper products) to do my part!

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    I have heard of people not brushing their teeth in order to save water and prevent toothpaste from contaminating the earth.  Personally, I do not think that personal hygiene should be sacrificed for the sake of going green.  Instead substitutions or alternative methods should be used.

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    This is not as bad as some of the previous answers (in my opinion), but your dinner guests may disagree. I knew a woman who peed on her vegetables in her garden instead of using fertilizer. She claimed it was high in nitrates and good for the plants. I guess thats fine if you are eating them yourself, but like i said before you may want to think twice about sharing…

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    All of the other things people have said are pretty gross, but there is just one thing that I know I should do that I can’t bring myself to do: not flush pee down the toilet.

    My fiance is great about this.  He does not flush urine in order to conserve water and energy … but even though I am much more gung ho about the green life style, I can’t bring myself to do it.

    I just can’t.  It’s so gross to leave pee in the toilet, to me – even though I feel guilty for flushing it!

    I do pee in the shower whenever it’s convenient, though.

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