What are the greenest countries that competed in the olympics?



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    While they only had 4 athletes in the 2010 winter olympics, Icelanders come from a country where about 81% of the energy used comes from renewable sources.

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         The world’s greenest countries not only competed in the Vancouver Olympics, they did very well. Norway, ranked the third greenest country by a Yale study, won 23 medals. Sweden, ranked second, won 11 medals. Switzerland, which was number one, won 9 medals. The United States seems to be better at winning medals that going green; it was listed as the 39th greenest country. 

    Here are the top ten countries on Yale’s list: 

    1. Switzerland

    2. Sweden

    3. Norway

    4. Finland

    5. Costa Rica

    6. Austria

    7. New Zealand

    8. Latvia

    9. Colombia

    10. France 

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