What are green ways to save money?



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    If you don’t want to spend money upfront to save money later, like installing solar panels or purchasing new EnergyStar appliances, then there are some very simple things you can do, mostly in the area of conservation. Turning off lights in empty rooms, unplugging unused appliances, lowering your thermostat, and reducing the amount of time spent in the shower are easy and effective ways to reduce your utility bills. Small purchases like fluorescent bulbs and sink faucet aerators can save a lot of energy and water, as well. Walk, ride your bike, use public transportation, or carpool to save money on gasonline as well as reduce emissions. Shop at Farmers Markets. Reuse and recycle as much as you can. Maybe even do things like swap clothes with your friends rather than going out and buying new ones. If you have a yard, plant native, drought-friendly plants and closely check your irrigation system. Most people over-water, and most water in any home is used for irrigation. It really is amazing how living just a little more simply can have so many positive ramifications!

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    Another really good thing to do is take a “staycation”.  Instead of going to Jamaica (or some other outlandish resort destination) this summer, find a place closer to home.  Perhaps even your own city, or just the outlining area.  This obviously cuts down on travel cost and pollution.  (Eating out and hotel fees will probably be lower too, or if you literally stay in your house, they will be eliminated). 

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    Unplug your cell phone charger from the outlet when you are not using it. By simply doing this you will save $13 a year. it is not a lot, but is quite amazing that that much electricity is lost by leaving the charger plugged in!

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    Turn off lights, take showers instead of baths, turn off the water while shaving and brushing your teeth, ride the bus, bike, or even learn to ride a motorcycle instead of using a car. Learn to enjoy going to the park or taking a walk instead of watching TV (or even reading a book outside, as they’re reusable and sometimes can last for fifty years or more)

    I hope this helped!

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