What are green globes?



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    Green Globes is a building assessment, education, and rating system promoted by the Green Building Initiative, a non-profit organization, in the US.  It is an interactive online software similar to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and Green Globes is LEED’s main competitor.

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    Green Globes is an assessment tool for building an running a building up to the most current green building standards.  It helps to guide new projects towards the best available green practices and rates new projects on how efficient and green the finished project is or will be.

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    Green Globe is based on Agenda 21 principles for sustainable development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit. Green Globe was developed to provide a way forward for tourism organizations who were interested in measuring their environmental impact and then developing and implementing strategies to reduce those actions. They were designed to extend corporate improvement and Agenda 21 principles to the community. It strives to represent the best in environmental responsibility. 

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