What are green business practices?



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    The federal government has created a “Green Business Guide” at http://www.business.gov. It outlines some key areas where your business can be more environmentally-friendly. Some areas covered on the site include an energy efficiency guide to saving energy at your business, green marketing techniques, green product development, and some case studies and examples. There are many more areas covered, of course, but that’s just a few I wanted to highlight.

    You can work to make your business as paperless as possible, integrating recycling into trash pickups, including incentives for employees and customers to do environmentally-friendly things, etc. ANother great idea would be to send employees on hiking or park-visiting events, to give everyone a taste for the “natural world,” as we are striving to preserve it.

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    A business practice that not only lessens environmental impact but also saves money is the management and possible restructuring of supply chains.  Inefficient supply chains waste gasoline and time, and millions of dollars and many tons of carbon can be saved through creative thinking.  For example, gasoline can be saved by installing more energy-efficient parts on trucks or by replacing the entire fleets with hybrids.  More time and energy can be saved by shipping items back with the trucks on the return journey. 

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