What are Green Burials?



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    Living creatures such as humans are made up of many important materials that nature uses over and over again once we’ve died.  But, modern human burial practice prevents this and causes environmental damage as well.  Before most people are buried they’re “embalmed,” in which they have much of their natural materials removed and replaced with something that is often very poisonous, such as formaldehyde, which leaks into and poisons the environment over many years. 

    Green Burials try to bury the body in the most natural way possible so that the Earth gets all the nutrients we can offer it without being poisoned by embalming fluids.  It typically involves biodegradable caskets and forgoing embalming altogether.  Plus, because you don’t have to pay for a fancy coffin or embalming services, it’s usually less expensive!

    The second article I’m linking, “Drinking Grandma,” is a bit of a long read but very thoroughly explains the problems of modern American embalming. 

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