What are a good replacement for styrofoam cups that keep things cold or hot



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    Of course any ceramic, porcelain, or plastic reusable cup is going to be better than a styrofoam cup, tray or bowl.  All of those options are reusable, keep things hot and cold and are portable. 

    If you’re looking for something that can be disposed of, but that is better than styrofoam, a company called Eco Products has created a hot and cold cup that is lined with PLA (a plant based biopolymer) that prevents any leaking but still fully breaks down in any commercial compost facility as they are certified by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) as compostable. (see site below for ordering information)  


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    I bring my coffee to work everyday in a ceramic travel mug.  It keeps my drink hot for a few hours, and if needed, I can just throw it in the microwave.  I bought all my mugs from Ten Thousand Villages which is a fair trade store.  

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    Studies have shown that the environmental impact of styrafoam, paper and plastic that you only use once and then throw away are about the same. So the best substitute is reusable cups.

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