What are good books on environmentalism?



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    The Solar Century, by Jeremy Leggett is a great book highlighting man kinds’ lack of initiative when it comes to harness the solar energy that hits the earth everyday. Leggett claims that if we properly started using solar energy, the amount we could get is enough to power the human civilization thousands of times over.

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    A prosperous way down by Howard T Odum is a great book that provides an innovative framework for environmental “accounting” with a concept called emergy. Some other classics are Cadillac Desert, a book about how water resources have been developed and exploited in the west. Simon Dressners Principles of Sustainability is a detailed and technical overview of the history of sustainability as a political topic. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is another classic about the dangers of pesticide use.

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    If you haven’t read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I would suggest it because it is a fascinating look into America’s food industry and how we eat.

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