What are Giant Piranha’s?



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    Giant Piranhas are just incredibly large piranhas. They do not exist as a seperate kind of piranha breed, except in B moveis like the Mega Piranha, a movie made in 2010. 

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    Giant Piranhas are large piranhas who are found in warm fresh waters. Giant Piranhas are generally five feet long and have greenish and grayish scales. They hunt in packs and will eat anything that is near them. They can be found in any aquatic environment. Giant Piranhas, like other piranhas, are known for their short and foul tempers who tear their victims and prey with their sharp teeth. It detects enemies and preys by their sense of smell.
    These creatures are ferocious looking and should not be messed with. Their teeth are razor sharp and were made for tearing and cutting. Giant piranhas are not only a rare catch but are also a dangerous one.

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