What are the trees that get cut down in the rainforest used for?



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    There are two types of ways trees are cut down. For removal or for commercial use.

    Removal is done by a type of agricultural transformation called Slash and Burn. Farmers cut down trees and allow them to dry. Once dry, they set it on fire burning out large patches of rainforest. Subsequently the slash and burners use the resulting revealed open land for crops or pastures for livestock.

    Commerical logging in the rainforest occurs when a company selects particularly large trees to cut down. Ones that reach high into the canopy and take hundreds of years to replace. This timber is used in “the construction of doors, window frames, crates, coffins, furniture, plywood sheets, chopsticks, household utensils and other items.” Commercial logging is rated as the biggest agent of tropical deforestation by the World Resources Institute.

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