What are “geoglyphs?”



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    Geoglyphs are basically a fancy name for ground art. This is usually a large picture formed on the ground by either placing rocks or other items, or excavating earth or other naturally occurring materials in the environment to form a picture that can be seen from above. A common geoglyph is a crop circle, made by stamping down areas of cropland to produce a design. Famous geoglyphs include the Nasca Lines in Peru, which displays artwork of various animals and complex geometric shapes.

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    Many ancient cultures produced geoglyphs that are still visible today. Geoglyphs are immense images drawn in the ground, or made by making lines with rocks. The labyrinths of Scandanavia are an example. The reason why many ancient cultures made geoglyphs is unknown. It is puzzling why ancient cultures would create such giant pictures, or “glyphs,” which are visible in their entirety only from the air, such as by someone in an airplane. Their origin is currently beleived to be ritualistic and religious.

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