What are the functions of the pyrami?s



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    Of the 138 known Egyptian pyramids, most were used as tombs for deceased pharoahs.  However, the full function of the pyramids is largely unknown to scientists and historians.  However, many believe that the upward pointing nature of the pyramids suggests that they were a tool for sending the spirit of the pharoah into the next dimension.  Egyptians had a vast knowledge of astronomy for their time period and believed that the stars were the gateway into the spiritual realm.

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    The main reason the pyramids were built was for burial purposes. The pyramids were the tombs for many pharaohs and queens. They would be embalmed and buried with gold and treasures and then the pyramids would be sealed. 

    Many other reasons have been hypothesized as to the construction of the pyramids. Theories such as power plants, astronomical observation, and alien spacecraft beacons. None of these have ever established any sufficient evidence. Tombs are the only theory that has been proven. 

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