What are fun activities that will teach 7th graders about lighting?



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    You can always do the potato light bulb experiment. First you can take a potato and cut it in half. After that, you should add copper wire into the end of the potato and insert the nail into the other. Wrap one end of the other piece of copper wire around the nail. Touch the wire on the nail and make it negative (-) conduit on the light bulb, and the other wire should be positive (+). When you are doing this experiment, be sure to remember that the copper wire and nail should not touch the inside of the potato. Also, if your first potato doesn’t work then feel free to use other potatos. 

    You can also do the mirror light reflection experiment. You can do this experiment with a spoon or a shadow. 

    If you would like more ideas check out the citation. 

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    Yes, there’s plenty! To add to the previous answer, there is one about light, prisms and rainbows for the middle school student level. It entails the students being divided into pairs or small groups where they make a rainbow with materials (i.e. flashlight, prism, white paper) given to them and then they record what they see. In addition, to this they must draw a diagram how a prism separates the colors of light. I included the link where it explains it more indepth and has some handouts – I think.

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    You could also do experiments that teach about shadows and lighting. One fun experiment has students go outside at various times of day and record where their shadow is and if it’s long and short to show how the sun reflects off of bodies. 

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