What are fuel cell vehicles?



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    Fuel cell cars run on hydrogen gas and emit water as its exhaust. Fuel cell cars are in the early stages of development but in design, they contain a fuel cell stack which converts hydrogen gas (which would be stored in lieu of gasoline) and oxygen (from the air) into electricity. Fuel cell vehicle technology is an exciting premise, especially considering the environmental benefits of driving a car that emits water instead of harmful pollutants. 

    Below is a basic diagram of how a fuel cell works:

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    As jet explained, fuel cells are an exciting premise since they emit only water. A car that didn’t emit any greenhouse gases or pollution of any kind would be a fantastic advancement. And fuel cell vehicles are currently technically feasible. A few years ago, car companies got a lot of great PR by putting out fuel cell vehicles on the market. Here’s the catch: the hydrogen used to fuel these cars is currently produced using fossil fuels. These cars could be as much of an environmental problem as the ones we currently fuel as the gas station. It’s not the clean technology it appears to be.

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