What are “Friendly Floaties” and what do they have to do with the environment?



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    Friendly Floaties is an armada of thousands of children’s bath creatures that were spilled from a cargo ship into our oceans 15 years ago and have proved to be an innvaluable aid to science. The bathtime toys are extremely resistent to the elements and because they are easily spotted bobbing around as unnatural objects, they have helped researchers to chart the great ocean currents.



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    I think you mean “friendly floatees.” They were children’s bath toys during the 1990s, and in 1992 a shipment of them was released into the ocean by accident. Oceanographers have since been able to do research on ocean currents and how debris is transported on them. Using these models, the oceanographers were able to chart when and where debris will show up on coasts.

    It’s a pretty funny and maybe even a little bit cute story, but the unfortunate fact is that it’s a microcosm of how much junk gets dumped into the ocean every day. These toys were able to help oceanographers learn more about the seas, but the fact that incidents like this happen are a shame.

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