What are free energy devices?



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    A free energy device is a supposed device such as a perpetual motion machine that would extract energy from pre-existing energy reservoirs for little or no cost.

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    I offer another definition for a free-energy advice: Any device which captures energy that would otherwise be lost (not captured and converted into electricity or usable emotive force), especially if the device can do this without causing any harm to the environment in the process! A great example of this is the “Bio-Mechanical Energy Harvester” — a device which attaches to one’s leg like a knee brace with a pivoting joint, and can capture energy from the motion of the leg — or a water-wheel. There is free energy available wherever you have motion…. picture a waterfall or a river that goes over a dam… that motion can be captured and it is already there (so it’s free, after you build the machine, that is) in abundance, just waiting to be turned into usable electricity and power the would without polluting!


    We can capture the energy of moving vehicles (and redirect it to serve another purpose—a direct drive for an alternative transportation system—whenever cars need to slow down [with the breaking systems cars use friction, which converts a lot of energy to heat—this is bad—we shouldn’t waste all that usable energy in this fashion about 100,000,000,000 times a day [or however many times we hit our breaks as a collective human family of drivers])…. other sources which can be tapped are:

    Waterfalls and streams

    the wind (we’re already doing this, but I’m talking about other sources of wind power —- like how about when a car goes zipping by at 75 miles per hour on the highway —- all that wind is stirring up our atmosphere for nothing, when it could be converted to energy instead).

    Human (and animal) motion — they are using piezoelectric technology to convert kinetic energy into electric energy as people stomp on the dancefloor — see club volt link

    Gravity — when we want to go downhill — it’s only natural to let things roll!

    Geologic and Biological shifts

    (they say an earthquake releases enough energy to power the entire united states for a year— if only we knew how to tap into this source)

    And many more sources of energy we need to begin to use — only then will we be able to give up our dependence on (and filthy habits of over-use and excess pollutiong due to the burning of) fossil fuels! Bring it on OIL Companies ! I’m trying to help you and your grandchildren at the same time! What are you seeking?


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