what are four types of ad techniques ?



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    I’ll give you five. Content Advertising, Link Advertising, Viral Advertising,  Incentivized advertising, and obstrusive advertising. To learn more about each type, please follow the provided link.

    I hope this helped!

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    nebblacktip already went over some of the technical styles of advertising, but I’d like to add a little information on thematic advertising styles.

    -Testimonial.  A tactic in which an advertisement uses the positive reviews and testimonials of past customers/clients in an effort to demonstrate the quality of the product.  Also makes it more likely that a consumer will view the advertisement and will see the product within his own life context, having already seen the product in the life context of someone else.

    -Nostalgia.  A tactic in which the advertisement strives to create a link between a product and positive memories from one’s past.  Ex. “Kraft Maceroni and Cheese.  Treat your family to the same great dinner you loved as a child.”

    -Transfer/Fantasy.  Using characters, often superheros or “urban” heros like firefighters, to sell a product in the hopes that a consumer will view the advertisement and transfer the admirable qualities of the ad character to the product.  A “if I purchase this product, I could be like this character in the ad” mentality

    -Statistics.  Using numbers or facts (even if they aren’t really true) to encourage people to buy a product.  Ex. “4 out of 5 dentists agree.  Colgate toothpaste whitens teeth faster than any other toothpaste.”

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