What are Flat Pack chairs?



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    Flat pack chairs are pieces of furniture cut from a single sheet of material and assembled without glue, screws, nails or pegs. These chairs come in a variety of materials including wood, plastic and cardboard. Flat pack chairs are a solid environmental choice because they cut down on wasted scrap material and are easier and more fuel efficient to ship than their multi-component counterparts. Cardboard flat pack chairs are especially eco-friendly as they are sustainable and recyclable. Flat pack chairs are becoming more popular and come in numerous stylish designs suitable for any home decor.

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    Flat pack chairs can be made from a number of different materials, but all are made with sustainability in mind, are easy to assemble or dissemble, and do not require fasteners such as nails or glue. These chairs can be taken apart and laid flat, hence the name.

     D.H. Sellers, a contemporary furniture designer, uses un-dyed bamboo to construct his chairs and uses a formaldehyde free finish, making them all natural and biodegradable. His process creates no waste. Other materials include plastic, cardboard, plywood and foam. 




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