What are five ways in which rhino poaching impacts the environment?



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    1. Rhino poaching often leaves baby rhinos to die or unborn rhino fetuses to never be born as it is often pregnant or nursing mothers who are poached. This affects the rhino population.

    2. As large herbivores searching for more plants to eat, rhinos often charge through bushes and trees and make new paths for other animals so that they, too, can access food. Without the role of the rhino, animals have a harder time finding food.

    3. The excrement of rhinos enriches the soil and its structure, ensuring that plants continue to grow in that area. Without their dung, soil fertility suffers.

    4. Rhinos dig to creat esmall pools that collect water and help other animals like frogs and insects who use them to complete their life cycles. Without these wallows, other animal species suffer.

    5. Rhinos are one of the animals that attracts tourists to the areas they live in. without the tourism dollars rhinos attract, conservation of the area is at risk.

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