what are five ways a plant is pollinated ? and how exactly ?

i want to know this info for a class project it will be the best if you helped me out a little with this …. thank you



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    There are a few different ways plants are pollinated; some
    plants have the ability to pollinate themselves, while other plants are able to
    be pollinated through contact with other species.   Animals,
    such as bees and birds, are able to pollinate different plants by coming into
    contact with one plant and then inadvertently transferring the pollen to
    another.  Humans are can also be responsible
    for pollination by transferring pollen from different plants.  Also, varying gusts of wind that transfer the
    pollen from one plant to another can be another way plants are pollinated.   If you
    wanted to make a list, you could say that plants are pollinated by: Insects,
    animals, humans, themselves, and wind.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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    There are many different ways a plant can be pollinated. One way is by wind. Plants can release pollen in the air. The wind carries the pollen and can blow it into or onto other plants. A second way plant can pollinate is self-pollination. Flowers on the same plant can reproduce. A third way for plants to pollinate is by pollinators. This can include insects (bees, butterflies, and moths) and mammals (humans (or other mammals) brushing against plants and pollinating them accidentally, humans pollinating plants purposefully, or animals like bats that drink nectar and cross-pollinate plants). Aquatic plants can be pollinated by water carrying pollen from plant to plant as well. 

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