What are the five biggest causes of climate change?



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    I think THE BIGGEST cause of climate change is carbon dioxide, followed by the other greenhouse gasses like methane and hydrofluorocarbons that deteriorate the ozone. Of the greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 is by far the biggest because it is what’s released in the burning of fossil fuels. After that, we’re talking about significant (but relatively minor) contributors like CFCs in aerosols and air conditioners, etc.

    SHORT ANSWER: there aren’t 5 big causes, there’s just one: CO2 released by burning fossil fuels.

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    This list is probably varying and debatable, but here are five major causes of climate change:
    1) Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil for fuel and electricity.
    2) Methane emissions from animals (cattle/meat production), agricultural production (like cultivation of rice patties), and releases from Arctic Sea beds.
    3) Deforestation
    4) Nitrous Oxide from chemical fertilizers.
    5) Increase in atmospheric water vapor.

    For more on each of these and how they contribute to climate change, follow the citation below.

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