What are fish that live in Hawaii/Maui

What fish live around coral and rocks in Maui



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    A list of all the fish caught around the Hawaiian Islands may be found here, along with the record size caught for each fish. Some fish caught in Maui include: Sea Bass, Akule, Barracuda, Round Herring, Spotted Chub Mackerel, Goatfish, Wrasse, and many others.

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    I’m answering the question in terms of what fish live inthe coral around Maui and what you can see snorkeling, not what fish can you catch in Hawaii.  A wide variety of fish and marine animals, including over 200 species of fish found only in Hawaii live in the rocks and coral around Maui.  One of the most striking fish is the flame angelfish, which is a brilliant orange (glowing) fish with electric blue fin tips that resembles the flame of a fire.

    Flame Angelfish: Lives in the coral of MauiFlame Angelfish: Lives in the coral of Maui

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