What are the fastest species of Ant?



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    Well, the Trap-jaw ant has the fastest strike in the world.  This ant snaps its jaws together 145 miles an hour.  The Trap-jaw ant has the fastest self-powered strike of any animal in the animal kingdom.  If attacking a smaller species than itself the ant can launch the prey up to 8 inches away.  If the ant is trying to escape a predator, it will “bounce” itself up to 16 inches away from the scene.  This is the equivalent of a 5’6″ human being becing thrown 132 feet away. 


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    Larger ants can generally run faster than smaller ants because they can cover a greater distance due to their long legs. Carpenter ants are a very large species of ant and can go as quickly as 300 meters per hour. This is actually very fast considering the ant’s body size–this ant can go 787 times its own body length in a minute. If a human ran 787 times its own body length, it would be a speed of 53.6mph. Army ants are generally slower than carpenter ants, marching at only 19.8 meters per hour.

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