what are the farmed crops that cause the most environmental damage

I recently read an article that listed soy, corn, and rice as some of the most destructive/ unsustainable farmed foods, unless farmed organically. I am trying to get more information



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    Farmed crops can cause severe environmentral damage if the land is over-used quickly. There is soil degradation, the local pollution of soil and water, local biodiversity affects (weeds are eliminated), pesticide pollution and nutrient pollution which effects the local rivers and lakes by causing increased biological oxygen demand, water bodies may became anaerobic, and eventually all biota may be killed. There is soil erosion, emissionof  greenhouse gases causing global changes because of the off-site environmental damage from agriculture.

    Right now, extensive agriculture in Africa, south of the Sahara, is a cause of widespread and heavy soil degradation. Maize is a primary crop there.

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