What are fair trade sports?



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    Fair Trade Sports is a company from Seattle that has received a lot of press recently for being the only purveyor of eco-friendly, sustainable sports balls.  The Forest Stewardship Council certified the balls as eco-friendly and the Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International certified it fair-trade.  The materials are vegan and all after-tax profts go to children’s charities.  Wow. 

    The balls are manufactured in Pakistan, which relates to the ethos of fair trade: paying fair wages to producers in developing countries to help development and promote sustainability.  Eventually, the goal is for the worker or producer to become self-sufficient and competitive on the international market.

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    In a similiar respect, many environmental and health groups advocate encouraging children to get outside and play more, especially in the face of increasing access to digital entertainment. Getting kids outside helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and respect and understanding of nature. Right to Play is a global group that gets kids around the world access to equipment and areas where they can play sports, socialize, and be outside.

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    FairTrade Sports is a company that manufactures and distributes athletic equipment under the statutes of the Fair Trade movement.



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