What are ‘factory farms’?



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    Factory farms are where livestock is raised to be slaughtered.  These “farms” are infamous for their horrendous conditions.  The animals are bred to be larger so they produce more meat, however, this is extremely unhealthy because their bones are not strong enough to hold the extra weight and they suffer.  They are kept in extremely confined conditions that they often do not have enough room to even turn around.  In order to prevent diseases from spreading, animals in factory farms are given antibiotics, which are later consumed by humans who eat the meat.  

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    To expand on mcoffey‘s excellent description of factory farms, I would like to add that most of the meat and eggs that Americans eat comes from factory farms. The meatrix website has a very good animation that explains all this without making you too sick to your stomach. If you look at some real photographs of factory farms, I guarantee that you won’t be able to get those images out of your mind for a week. Google image search factory farms at your own risk.

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