What are examples of renewable energy?



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    Renewable energies are energy sources that cannot be depleted. Solar energy, for example, harvest radiation from the sun, which won’t burnt out anytime soon, so it’s considered renewable. Wind and hydro power are renewable as well, because they harvest energy from the natural motions of air and water currents. Geothermal gathers energy from processes in the earth. These resources can’t be used up, because they’re constantly replacing themselves.

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    Renewable energy sources are those which are not depleted with use. Solar, wind energy, and wave energy are examples of natural processes that occur which we can use to harness energy from. Another is geothermal energy, which is using heat from the processes in the Earth’s core. Biomass energies involve producing fuels from agricultural products which can be replanted rather than oil which takes so long to form that it is gone once it’s used.

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    Renewable energies are created from natural resources. Examples would include sunlight, wind, tides, wind, rain and geothermal.

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