What are examples of independent variables?



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    Independent variables are something that you can measure. It does not depend on something, like a dependent variable does. For instance, someone’s age is an independent variable. Age isn’t dependent on other things, such as what you eat or what time you sleep.

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    Independent variables vary from experiment to experiment.  Independent variables are variables that can be changed to produce a certain outcome in a dependent variable.  Just think (dependent is dependent on the indepdendent variable).  In an experiment for example, you want to measure effects of temperature on a dog.  Your dog is the dependent variable because you can change the temperature (independent variable) to observe changes in the dog.  

    Now, that being said if you changed the experiment and say you want to test the effects of wind on temperature, then wind becomes your independent variable, and temperature becomes your dependent variable in this instance.  It is important to remember that just because one variable was independent in one experiment does not mean it will be independent in another experiment.  You have to look at the experiment as a whole to determine dependent or independent variables.

    Let me know if you need clarifications!

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