What are ethical issues with stem cell research?



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    While there are few ethical issues surrounding non-embryonic stem cells, embryonic stem cells (which come from unborn human embryos) tend to anger pro-life supporters. Embryonic stem cells are a source of pluripotent stem cells, which can be developed into various types of human tissue. This fact allows them to be used for a wide variety of disease treatment. However, critics argue against aborted fetuses being used as a source of these cells. Pro-life supporters contend that aborting a pregnancy “murders” the unborn fetus, and thus, this procedure should not be used for scientific research.

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    The ethical issue that I have about stem cell research is being able to pick the attributes that your children will have. I don’t think it is natural to pick is you have a boy or a girl, or if they will be athletic or smart. I feel that this will give parents too much power. Everyone values things differently, and should not be able to choose what kind of personality their children will have. I do understand the good things, like getting rid or diseases that kids are born with, but I think that is just the chance you take when you have kids.

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