What are the ethical issues with influencing consumer behavior?



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    Dishonesty and health risks are among many problems. Thankfully regulations prevent unethical behavior in most of our markets. However false advertising is still everywhere, minor manipulations is wording and information prevent these companies from facing any legal consequence. Advertising for alcohol and cigarette companies could be seen as unethical altogether given the established health risks and the addictive nature of both. Fast food and other junk food is also addictive, decisions for ingredients are based on these addictive tastes, as is advertising.

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    In many cases, consumers choose environmentally friendly products in order to look good in front of other people, and the people who do not buy environmentally friendly products may not know what damage they are causing. As aaron10 mentioned, advertising can give people a false impression of what the product will do for them or how it was produced. For example, remember the skittled commercials with candy falling from the sky? Um… I don’t think that’s how they are really made!

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