What are the environmental threats to the controversial Rama’s Bridge in Sri Lanka?



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    Rama’s Bridge, also known as Adam’s Bridge or Rama Setu, is a long chain of limestone shoals that appears to be the remains of a land connection between the Indian mainland and the island of Sri Lanka. The bridge is sacred in Hindu and Islamic culture. One of the main environmental issues facing the bridge is the plan by the Indian government to dredge a navigable canal across it to faciliate ship traffic in the Indian Ocean. There has been a lot of controversy over whether proper legal procedures have been followed in approving this project, known as the Sethursamudram Shipping Canal Project. The project could magnify the impact of tsunamis as well as harm the local marine environment. Global warming also threatens parts of Rama’s Bridge as sea levels rise over the coming decades. One interesting feature of this bridge is that we are not sure if it’s natural or man-made. There is some evidence that Rama’s Bridge might have been constructed by ancient peoples out of coral, in which case it would have archaeological as well as religious and environmental significance.

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    well I believe that you are referring to the actual set of bridges built on top of the land masses.  There are many potential problems.  Obviously tsunamis, floods, unstable ground, earthquakes (we all know the world is sewing lots of those now) 

    And from records and ancient writings, the land mass used to be completely above ground.  However, there were many storms and even cyclones that sank and broke up many parts of the islands.  So it is already known to be an unstable area.  

    The environmental threats seem to be quite high actually. 

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