What are the environmental impacts of off-road vehicles?



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    Off-road use of vehicles can present serious and special problems of impact on the environment and incompatibility with other users of the land. Experience has shown that off-road use of vehicles may result in one or more of the following effects:

    All vehicles:

    1. Physical soil damage, often readily visible, resulting in:
      a. Erosion, causing soil loss and damage to stream banks, streams, and fish habitat;
      b. Soil compaction and serious adverse impact on flora and its regeneration; and
      c. Degradation of trails, including rutting and breakdown of trail edges.
    2. Disruption of wildlife breeding and nesting habitats, especially of vulnerable species, resulting in loss of young;
    3. Disturbance of wildlife, leading to weakened physical condition, death, and possible extinction of some species;
    4. Damage to archaeological, scientific, historical and other significant sites, and damage to natural features, sometimes with irreversible effects, especially on rare features of interest for scientific study;
    5. Facilitation of illegal hunting fishing and the talking of game and non-game wildlife;
    6. Danger to the safety of other land users because of vehicle speed, steep terrain, sharp curves, slippery or unstable trail surfaces, and/or limited visibility; and
    7. Competition with other land users: vehicle operators, with their increased mobility, generally use a greater quantity of scarce land per recreational user.

    Motorized vehicles:

    1. Introduction of air and water pollution to areas presently removed from any such sources;
    2. Excessive noise, which, in close proximity, may result in physiological effects on animals and humans, or may induce anxiety, altering animal behavior patterns, and which, in most circumstances, seriously degrades the solitude of wild areas for other users;
    3. Litter: by virtue of mechanization, operators of vehicles carry more gear, with potential to leave more litter;
    4. Vandalism: motorized ease of access is often coupled with increase of acts of vandalism on public and private property; and
    5. Fire: illegally or improperly operated vehicles can often create a fire hazard on public or private lands.
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