What are energy generating windows?



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    Energy-generating smart windows have the ability to control the amount of light passing through glass and increase energy efficiency of the room by reducing costs for heating or air-conditioning.

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    Energy generating windows are a really cool technological advancement developed by the researchers at the Queensland University of Technology. Basically, the windows contain a dye that acts the same way that chlorophyll does in a plant cell, absorbing sunlight and generating energy. The dye is put into a solar panel made up of electrolytes and the pigment titania that is put between layers of glass in the windows. As the sunlight hits them, the electrons within the cell are excited and absorbed by the titania pigment and ultimately becomes an electric current. The windows are still transluscent but have a slight tint to them—right now just pink-hued ones are available, but scientists are working to develop other tint colors, as well.

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