What are the effects on weather from Lake Michigan nuclear plants?

I live between two nuke plants on Lake Michigan shore, Palisades and Cook, both within 15 miles.
As they are discharging water constantly from the cooling towers of upwards of 80 degrees, does this affect our weather? Many of us local residents think it has been.



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    While water vapor emissions are not necessarily toxic, you and your neighbors may be right in perceiving changes in your microclimate (which is just to say, your local climate).

    The State of Illinois conducted a study to address such concerns (click the link below to check it out yourself!). They predict that within 1000 feet of cooling towers, there may be a small increase in rainfall and that annual snowfall may increase 1-2 inches. Heat and water from the plants may also increase thunderstorm intensity–the severity of this change will be rare, they say, and will require a very unique set of conditions.

    If you are perceiving an increase in rainfall/snowfall or increased humidity, this could indeed be an effect of the cooling towers. Bear in mind that all sources are biased in some form or another! The report cited here treats some of their findings with a little negligence, but the fact that they do list these potential changes is a sign that they’re probably happening.

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