what are the effects of too much chemical fertilizer?



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    The three negative areas to research are:

    1) Effect on the plant. (Such as using non-organic fertilizer on edible plants.)

    2) Effect of over-fertilizing. (Which can be worse than no fertilizing.)

    3) Effect on runoff. (Fertilizers don’t stay put.)

    There are also positive effect of fertilizer, of course. Mother Nature does it all the time! But note that even if Mother Nature is doing it, the above negative effects may still be there. Living on a farm, as a scout, I was always taught to pee on the plants as fertilizer. Trouble is, human urine is much too strong for most plants — it tends to harm them, not help them!

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    Too much fertilizer can cause a number of effects for plants. For example, over-fertilization in a lawn can cause a brown, burnt look in the grass. Lawn fertilizers contain nitrogen and too much of it can burn your grass.

    Rain also causes the excess nitrogen in fertlizers to make its way into our waterways which can be harmful to aquatic life.

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