what are the effects of extinction of yaks

wt will we face if the yaks will extinct?



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    This question has been addressed for other animals, from mosquitoes to rhinos, and the answer is the same for yaks: we cannot know all the possible implications of the extinction of any animal. The consequences might be trivial, or even nothing; or they might be huge. The interconnections of ecological webs are so intricate, there is no way to know whether the yak plays a role in the life of some microbe or insect or plant that would decline or die out in the absence of the yak, and then those animals and plants would have an impact on others, and so on cascading through the ecosystem. This is one reason for the complex, detailed study of animals and plants and their interactions – ecology.

    The links have answers to similar questions about mosquitoes (and there are many others), and you can find similar responses for many different animals and plants if you search. This is a philosophical question more than anything and there are many good expressions of this problem if you search greenanswers.

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