what are the effects of continual small amounts of radiation such as in ca. drinking water? concerned because we bathe and drink and cook ect..



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    Right now, the biggest concern for the US with respect to the consumption of radioactive material is trace amounts of radiation have been found in milk supplies. However, even this amount is minuscule- the radiation picked up in tested milk supplies is 4,000-5,000 times smaller than the “danger threshold.” Amounts found in rainwater are even smaller, and this rainwater still goes through a natural filtration process (filtered through soil, etc) before it enters a city’s water supply. Don’t worry, there is no need to be concerned about radiation levels from the failing Japanese nuclear reactors.



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    There is background radiation everywhere. Cosmic rays, decay of radioactive isotopes in the soil, and even us humans produce some radiation (Sleeping next to another person for 8 hours exposes you to 2 millirems). Bananas are so rich in radioactive potassium isotopes that they can set off some security sensors in customs.

    However, because radiation is everywhere, life has evolved to handle low-level background radiation quite well. The amount of radiation the West Coast is experiencing is far too small to be a worry right now.

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