What are eco-skeptics?



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    Extreme eco-skeptics don’t believe in global warming or at least in anthropogenic climate change.  They believe that humans do not have as much of an impact as claimed and that most of the global phenomena related to climate change are in fact natural occurences.  More moderate eco-skeptics may believe global warming is occuring but that it the impact is not as great as is claimed by environmentalists.

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    Other eco-skeptics in positions of power, such as the U.S. Congress, sadly believe in their position for political purposes and are not making informed decisions based on science. They claim they are skeptical of the science instead of stating the real reason, which is due to money, fundraising, and the desire to stay in power and not change.

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    Here is the ultimate eco-skeptic (denialist?):

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    Following is a great article about a reformed eco-skeptic.

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