What are the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s?



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    There seems to be three stages of Alzheimer’s Disease – a mild stage, moderate stage, and severe stage. The mild stage include symptoms such as becoming confused in familiar places, trouble handling money and paying bills, taking a longer time to complete basic and daily tasks, losing or misplacing things, and mild changes in mood and/or personality. 

    The moderate stage of Alzheimer’s Disease include symptoms such as increased memory loss and confusion, difficulty recognizing family and/or friends, continuously repeating stories, words, or motions, difficulty completing steps in tasks such as putting on clothes, difficulty maintaining proper hygiene and appearance. 

    The severe stage of Alzheimer’s Disease include symptoms such as the inability to recognize self or family, inability to communicate, loss of control of bowel and bladder, making sounds such as grunts, moans, and grunts, and the need for assistance in all daily tasks and activities. 

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