What are ear aches caused by?



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    Ear aches can be caused by infection, colds, allergies, build up of fluids or ear wax, sinus pressure, teeth problems, an ear injury, or air pressure build up when traveling on a plane.

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    There are a variety of earache causes. Infectious causes of earache include blocked Eustachian tube often caused by a cold, ear cellulitis (skin infection), an infection of the ear drum, external ear infections, ear canal infections, mastoiditis (infection of the bone behind the ear), middle ear infection, and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. 

    Other non-infectious cases of earaches include sticking foreign matter into the ears such as ear swabs, air pressure changes caused by high altitudes, irritants such as shampoo or soap, ear trauma or injury. 

    Earaches can also be caused by disease or disorders unassociated with the actual ear such as infant teething, cancer of head or neck, tooth infection, sore throat, teeth clenching, and sinusitis. 

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