What are the distinctions between rehabilitation, reclamation and restoration?



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    Rehabilitation, as in land, is the process of restoring (that land) after some process has destroyed, for example, some business, industry, or individual. Reclamation is the process of reclaiming the land from loss or from something less useful. This can be done by either designating something for a new purpose or by restoring it to a more natural state. Restoration is also the healing of damaged land through a variety of efforts, very similar to rehabilitation. However, restoration doesn’t necessarily have to occur following a wrongdoing by an external force. It can be because of common wear or maturity.

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    The three words- rehabilitation, reclamation and restoration are English words which do not have one meaning always. They have some similarities and distinctions. This is based on the context they are used. The following ideas will help you:

     Rehabilitation means; 



    help somebody return to normal life: to help somebody to return to good health or a normal life by providing training or therapy
    2. restore somebody to rank or rights: to restore somebody to a former position or rank and grant rights and privileges once more (often passive)
    3. restore somebody’s reputation: to restore somebody’s good reputation and standing after he or she has been disgraced or neglected

    restore place to good condition: to restore a building, or part of a town, to its former good condition

     Reclamation means;  

    1. claim something back: to claim back something that has been taken away or temporarily given to another
    2. convert wasteland: to convert unusable land such as desert or marsh into land suitable for farming or other use
    3. extract useful substances: to extract useful substances from waste or refuse
    4. make somebody reform: to cause somebody to return to a more moral way of life

    tame bird: to tame a hawk or falcon 

     while restoration means;  

    1. give something back: to return something to its proper owner or place
    2. return something to previous condition: to bring something back to an earlier and better condition

  3. techniques used to restore old oil paintings
  4. 3. energize somebody: to give somebody new strength or vigor

  5. I felt restored after my weekend away.
  6. 4. return somebody to previous position: to return somebody to a previously held rank, office, or position

  7. restore the ousted governor to his office
  8. 5. put something back: to reestablish or put back something that was once but is no longer there
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