what are the disadvantages of friction?



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    Friction is the force of resistance that prevents forward motion in objects. Naturally, concerning objects such as vehicles, it can cause problems. Whenever there is excess friction, more energy must be expended to move the object; if this is a car, boat, plane, etc…, this means more fuel must be used. There is also the danger of overheating, in the event that the vehicle will not move; when an object will not move, the excess friction creates heat. This is why flooring the gas pedal of your car when you are stuck in mud may have adverse effects. Finally, as is the case with any object, friction in vehicles causes them to wear out over time; this is why routines such as oil changes and lube jobs are crucial to the well-being of one’s car. 

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    Friction can make it difficult to walk, and impede motor vehicles from running at full capacity, amongst other scenarios.  Check out the citation for more details.

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